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  1. twa556

    MMO Black Desert Online's Free Character Creation Tool Is Out Now for Free Gonna be playing with this later, maybe post my creation.
  2. twa556

    Digimon thread

    I love Digimon so much, it was my favorite cartoon as a kid. Tri was probably my favorite movie of 2015, was almost exactly what I wanted. I have Cyber Slueth preordered to, though I'm considering changing to the Vita version. Also about the death battle, honestly any decent mega-level digimon...
  3. twa556

    What games are you playing now?

    Xenoblade X and Rise of the tomb raider Sometimes Fallout 4
  4. twa556

    Last Movie You've Seen

    When Marnie was there: A solid movie, but it took to long for the pieces to fall together. You spent more time in the movie confused, then you did understanding what was going on.
  5. twa556

    After telling the RPGsite twitter I'd join, here I am.

    Hi, My names Tommy. RPG's are my favorite genre of games, especially JRPG's but I play all types of games. I game primarily on PlayStation, but I own every system. Currently my Wii U is getting the most use with Xenoblade X actually, my Xbox one with Battlefront is being used to. To be fair...