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  1. UNKLE

    Final Fantasy VII REMAKE - General News Thread

    i don't know but agnis philosophy looking pretty good with luminous engine.
  2. UNKLE

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    I'm pretty sure the game will be released next year oh cmon in 2016 the game development will be 10 year right? I hope the game will be DX12 game for PC.. I'm pretty sure the game will be release for PC, just look Type0,all ffXIII, and older Ff is in steam too.
  3. UNKLE

    Motomu Toriyama Discussion and Rumor Thread

    FF13-1 was pretty good unlike the 2 other idiot sequel... especialy lightning return... I like cocoon that was the best place in ff13 trilogy its to bad it was linear... I saw the original plans for ff13, when the game was in progress.. exclusive ps3 title was that would be great if that version...
  4. UNKLE

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    well vs13 gameplay/battlesystem is is to different from ff15 and the story is changed too, and who knows what changes to..places etc.. so yes its like duke nukem forever.
  5. UNKLE

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Well if square enix would let happen versus 13 to ps3 then it would be a game.. but they rather focused the idiot sequels ff13-2 and lightning rertun.Its all square enix fault i feel sorry for nomura.
  6. UNKLE

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    No! this is ugly, its like ff13 serah copy... look the original stella back from 2006 that was perfection.
  7. UNKLE

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    No, its not the same!!!!! watch versus 13 trailer 2006 and watch ff15 trailers the theme is so different even noctis..or just play the demo the whole game is different you acting like a ff15 fanbnoy sorry... yes ff15 have it has dark moments but versus 13 theme is a whole dark moment was. Square...
  8. UNKLE

    Final Fantasy XV -Spoiler Discussion Thread-

    What if... what if that picture is from the past and that pic is going to be the future too, so noctis have must change he's own fate by killing etro and he's own father (maybe regis familly always stand with etro side like some kind of templars.. etc..)well i hope the true plot is not gonna be...
  9. UNKLE

    Will these scenes remain in FFXV?

    "Can anyone clarify these details???" No, nobody can we just guess what is gonna happen in the game, here my guess: the scene will be deleted (because tabata changed the characters and the story script for the game,im not even sure the music Somnus Nemoris will be in the game i not heard this...
  10. UNKLE

    How do you feel about Cidney?

    accent is okay nothing wrong with it! but the outfit is just horrible she like a bitch not mechanist.Whoever made this NEW charatcers is definetly out of passion and creativity.Just look lumina she also lack of creativity she pretty similar as serah from ff13.
  11. UNKLE

    Final Fantasy XV - Jump Festa 2015 trailer & gameplay footage.

    All i heard that girl said my name is CID or CIN or whatever...her voice is pretty good at least but looking ugly for a mechanist lol..almost like a bitch,main cast voice is pretty bad i gonna stick with the jap audio.
  12. UNKLE

    Final Fantasy XV Jump Festa 2015 Trailer Details

    PLOT TWIST: GTA15 with anime style...
  13. UNKLE

    Possible new info from a leak about FFXV on Jump Magazine!

    Yeah me too when i saw the picture fist hey that bitch eva here too. lol.Whoever made this "girl cid" he ran out from the creativity lol.
  14. UNKLE

    Possible new info from a leak about FFXV on Jump Magazine!

    i bet her voice gonna be irritating british voice lol..well the picture is not clear enough but her face looks ugly to me okay i admit her boobs looks great.
  15. UNKLE

    FFXV English voices TGS Trailer

    I dont like the english voice over especially noctis and ignis.. still think ff12 was the number1 of voice acting in ff series and ff13 is number2.