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    Demon's Rise - XCOM-style Tactical RPG for iOS

    Hi guys, Just wanted to give you all a heads up that Demon's Rise has launched on the iOS App Store! It's a turn-based RPG with tactical elements such as the use of cover, fog-of-war, morale that are found in games like XCOM. You can find the game's product page here...
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    Holy crap

    A darker skin would be nice ... this currently is tough to read. I do like how the ads aren't especially intrusive. Nice forum design overall.
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    Deus Ex: HR & Hitman: Absolution for PS4/Xbox One?

    Seems pretty likely since I'm sure Deus Ex 2 was on consoles. Anyone play the original Deus Ex on PC? I absolutely loved that game. So many ways to attack the same problem ... my solution usually involved a rocket launcher.
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    Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Raj and I'm the lead developer at an indie game company that focus on making turn-based tactical RPG's. I like playing (and writing) table top war-games and playing video game RPG's. Used to play pen and paper ones too but don't have a gaming...