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  1. Zack

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    With all due respect, I'm not sure why you're calling me out. I have not expressed any harshness against FFXV especially for winning Reader's Choice, and have actually been wanting to play it.
  2. Zack

    E3 - Hopes and Dreams

    The Last Guardian. That's about all I need.
  3. Zack

    South Park: The Stick of Truth

    Played a little bit this morning and instantly fell in love with it. Helps that Butters is the first friend you make in the game, my favorite character from the show.
  4. Zack

    Netbook recommendation

    I would say that Lenovo has some great, cheap Haswell laptops. I would recommend those. Either that or a Chromebook as they're cheap and efficient.
  5. Zack

    Why is the director of Final Fantasy IX no longer working on FF games?

    Working on the Final Fantasy VII remake.
  6. Zack

    Next gen consoles

    I haven't really touched my PS4 much since I bought it, but that's only due to the games I am covering for RPG Site. I hope the rumors of the PS1/PS2 emulation for the PS4 are true. If so, then I will be getting a lot more use out of the system until the genre I care most about (JRPGs) becomes a...
  7. Zack

    Was Aerith made for lisp speakers

    I am locking this thread. Thank you for the reports.
  8. Zack

    Final Fantasy 6 sucked

    He's gone. Thanks!
  9. Zack


    As a big nerd, I would love to visit Japan one day and see Akihabara among other locations. What I'd love to do is take a list of the game centers seen in Game Center CX and check out quite a number of them, maybe traveling by train from place to place. It's on my bucket list.
  10. Zack

    Xenogears: Perfect Works is getting a reprint

    I hope so as well. I want two copies!
  11. Zack

    Sim City Offline Mode

    I agree. The biggest problem with that game is how small the towns are. Someone showed how they were able to hack the game to make giant cities that filled the entire landscape, but obviously that isn't ideal and it has a ton of caveats associated with it. Really, what it comes down to is that...
  12. Zack

    LTTP: Nier

    I had a great experience as well. It was so damn different than many of the games out there, and I found a ton of appeal with that, especially when it dared to mix genres. I agree that playing through the game at least three times (it truncates the story accordingly) is highly recommended as it...
  13. Zack


    Welcome to all the newcomers! Hope you like things here. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the forum. =]
  14. Zack

    The Witcher 3 VGX trailer

    CD Projekt RED did say they're doing some amazing things with the consoles so I would expect a great experience on there as well. Don't know if you've seen Witcher 2 yet, but you'll find out just what these guys can accomplish.