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  1. Zaraki

    What you don´t want in KH3

    Lack of FF cameos and involvement in the story Stupid filler worlds like Enchanted Dominion, Cinderella's castle, dwarf woodlands Every line to be some pretentious speech about light and darkness and friendship crap More convoluted crap like time travel Unbalanced, floaty and button masher...
  2. Zaraki

    XV has the best ending of any FF game.

    XV has the best ending of any FF game.
  3. Zaraki

    Square Enix still refuses to learn lessons of the past

    Are you trying to apply this to FF15? If so, I have questions. Who wrote the steps to failure? Yoshida? He had jack squat to do with XV, jack squat. What the so called Business Division 2 do, does not impact the MMO division (I think it's 4, not sure tbh). People need to stop blaming Square...
  4. Zaraki

    Favorite Final Fantasy Side Characters

    does cor leonis count? HE is awesome.