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    Question: Are you upset that there is a car in FFXV?

    I'm not upset. Fantasy doesn't mean it has to be all medieval-ish.
  2. Z

    Final Fantasy Fan Games

    These are nice! I own RPG Maker VX Ace but so far no serious project with it yet. But I still play around with it when I have free time to do so. Now downloading Discovery! :)
  3. Z

    Square Enix launches Shinra Techologies

    Wait topic about this has been posted. Sorry for not checking thoroughly. :/ Please forgive and spare me xD Mods please close this topic
  4. Z

    Square Enix launches Shinra Techologies
  5. Z

    Galleria Fleur

    You've improved! :)
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    Hi everyone. I go by the display name "Zefreonnoerfez" and you can call me "Zef". FF series is my all-time fav video game franchise. It has gone huge change and considering I haven't played past FF9, I am so amazed and intrigued to try more if only I am more technologically savvy. But even so...
  7. Z

    Real Remakes of Final Fantasy Games

    I would love to see that too