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  1. Zeno

    Community Project: Celebration of FFXI's 15th anniversary, to be sent to the dev team

    This is something I've been planning out for the last month and I'm finally able to announce it. So 2017 marks not just the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, but the 15th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI as well. That's right, FFXI has been around for half the time as of the entire...
  2. Zeno


    Was this thread forgotten? :p Sephiroth trailer:
  3. Zeno

    FFXV discussion thread [No Spoilers]

    Anyone else frustrated with the subtitles? I'm running the game with Japanese voices and English subtitles. Just a personal preference of mine and I'm not here to say one is better over the other. Upon starting the game, I noticed some strange things where people were talking but no...
  4. Zeno


    New trailer has me so hyped. Hope we see the villains soon.
  5. Zeno


    Zeno here (also known as reseph on some other FF communities), nice to meet you! I'm a player who has almost always been engrossed in the FF universe. I spend most of my time playing FFXI and FFXIV, but FF6 and FF9 are some of my favorites. I've also recently been enjoying Final Fantasy...
  6. Zeno


    I miss Q9D too! I chat with Kuro on Tumblr sometimes, maybe last year-ish. PS: Hi @Blank!