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  1. Somber

    Leaks - Kingdom Hearts 2.9?

    Wait. Is it going to be a DDD remaster or the entire package before KHIII? There's also a mention for working with Pixar. Mind blown. And just in case you forgot, there was a leak at E3 2015. More credibility!
  2. Somber

    FFType-0 HD - Listen to 3 remastered soundtracks on SoundCloud

    Takeharu Ishimoto has uploaded 3 of the remixed soundtracks for FF Type-0 HD. You may want to listen them. They are on his soundcloud page. 02. The Beginning of the End (We Have Arrived, We Have Come) 10. Servant of the...
  3. Somber

    FFXII HD confirmed?

    It's usual NeoGaf business so take it with a grain of salt. It could be a joke but better than nothing.
  4. Somber

    HQ version of FFXV Jump Festa 2015 trailer

    Here's the link. But sorry that it's a download link.!BB9ixD4A!H_ZvEf5_CjcnMeuVXXcrPUE671YjtVlZHchcfF4yGfM
  5. Somber

    Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD for PS4 spotted on Square Enix Boutique

    Good for those who owns PS4. But it would seem a cash-grab if it's without any re-remastering. Fans are stilling recovering from FFVII troll. :shifty: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 for PS4 or FFXII HD?
  6. Somber

    Final Fantasy XV: World Map Analysis

    DualShockers folks had analysed the lastest FFXV videos. Purely speculations but worth a read.
  7. Somber

    Final Fantasy X-3 Not Happening, Square Enix Confirms In a recent interview, Kitase confirmed that FFX-3 isn't in work. New character designs for Tidus and Yuna are just fanservices, he also said. My opinion is.....GOOD! But. Did they just ruin X-2's ending?
  8. Somber

    Square Enix files trademark for 'Triple Triad' and 'Mechanical Apartheid' What the hell are they? Triple Traid was a card game in FFVIII. game again? :( EDIT: Mechanical...
  9. Somber

    Details on Final Fantasy XV voice acting!
  10. Somber

    What's your favorite Lightning Returns garbs?

    My favorite 5 Sacred Knight Cyber Jumpsuit Paladin Ignition Mist Wizard
  11. Somber

    Lightning may return in a future Final Fantasy!

    According to Siliconera's interview with Motomu Toriyama, Lightning may appears as a guest in a future Final Fantasy. I'm happy that she may appear once more. But this will bring unwanted hate/bashing from internet denizens (you know).
  12. Somber

    Will Kingdom Hearts III have Marvel and Star Wars things? It was reported that Marvel and Star Wars versions of Disney Infinity are in development. Disney Infinity first got the chance of uniting Disney with Pixar. But there were rumors of Pixar settings in KHIII and also...
  13. Somber

    Your top 10 Final Fantasy soundtracks

    Mine are Blinded By Light (FF XIII) Aerith's Theme (FF VII) Suteki Da Ne (FF X) We Have Arrived (FF Type-0) Memories of Happier Days (FF XIII) Battle Theme (FF XV) FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 ~Wishes~ (FF XIII-2) Somnus (FF XV) Final Fantasy VII Main Theme (FF VII) Zanarkand (FF X) There are a...
  14. Somber

    Sim City Offline Mode

    Finally, IT'S HAPPENING! OMG, can't wait to play it :D
  15. Somber

    Final Fantasy X-2.5 novel ends with "To be Continued"!!!!

    Oh god. I love to see another Final Fantasy but....japanese readers reviewed that the book was full of sadness and frustration and one even mentioned that he regret reading that book. What is happening?! EDIT: They need to finish Final Fantasy XV and localization of Type-0. Instead they do...