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    What games are you playing now?

    Well I've just bought a 3DS and picked up Pokemon X and Fire Emblem Awakening as my starter games in my local games store near college. And man, those games are addictive. I purchased the first Ace Attorney game yesterday and oh boy nostalgic moments. (Actually 'borrowed' my brother's old DS...
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    Last Movie You've Seen

    Inception I saw it for the first time, even though it is such a cult movie and I am glad that I waited so long with it. It's nice to have a few more videos to catch up on that are really good. As for Inception, I'm totally stunned by this movie. The way it is made, you don't quite know what's...
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    Final Fantasy VII REMAKE - General News Thread

    I am curious. They once said that doing this remake would cost quite a lot of money and man power. SO i am wondering where most o fthe money for this game is coming from? Are they banking on XV selling alot or are they dipping into the money the Edios side has gotten for them.