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  1. Kagari

    How do you feel about Final Fantasy XV and its marketing reliance on "feedback"?

    As the topic says, I'm interested to see what you guys have to say about Square Enix's constant pushing of this whole "fan feedback" narrative since TGS. Personally I think it's growing stale and I'd like them to actually show off the game based on its own merits just as it did when it was still...
  2. Kagari

    Which summon will be in the XV Episode Duscae demo?

    So we've seen a little tease in the recent trailer for the XV demo... who could it be? My bet is on Ifrit.
  3. Kagari

    Lightning Returns interview with Ali Hillis – We want your questions!

    Hello everyone! We’re teaming up with FF Union for a unique Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII interview opportunity. As you may have guessed based on the title, we’ll be chatting up Ali Hillis – the English voice of Lightning – as we prepare for the western launch of the final chapter in...
  4. Kagari

    Questions about Lightning Returns?

    Hey all. We've got a set of interviews coming up with the development team for Lightning Returns and we'd like to source some questions to field to Kitase and co. Please try to come up with some interesting, constructive questions - ie, avoid story questions because they definitely won't answer...
  5. Kagari

    Let's talk about the worst Final Fantasy characters

    Okay, you knew this was coming. We have a favorites thread so it's only fair we have a thread to talk about our "least favorites" in the series. For me, it's Lightning and it didn't used to be that way. Only when Square Enix decided to over-expose her for the past 7 years did it become...
  6. Kagari

    What would you like to see happen with Final Fantasy Type-0?

    Just as the topic title suggests, what would you like to see Square Enix do with FF Type-0? Based on the latest words from Hajime Tabata: it's probably coming now, but the question is in what form. Digital...
  7. Kagari

    Who is your favorite Final Fantasy character?

    Sure this could be called a character ranking thread, but I wanted to talk about who people's favorite characters in the FF series are. It can be a hero, villain, side character - you name it. I think out of everyone in all the games over the entire franchise, my favorite character would have to...