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  1. Zerox20

    GameTrailers - Top 10 Worst Final Fantasy Games Discuss!
  2. Zerox20

    Gametrailers Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

    To prevent any kind of spoilers... Give it a watch, thoughts on the list everyone?
  3. Zerox20

    Final Fantasy 12 International Zodiac Job System

    I am currently replaying FF12 ZJS, anybody else played through it yet? Thoughts on different parties or any experiments you had? You can watch us play it through it on our novacrystallis Twitch channel in my signature below. So far I am going Vaan as a Monk, Penelo as a Red Mage, not sure what...
  4. Zerox20

    The Gaming Historian & 16 Bit Gems

    If you like history and info about some older games including even some RPGs thrown in check it out. Been watching this guy for quite awile. Really loving the history and the way he does his videos. I think the StarFox one is my favorite so far. 16 Bit gems...