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  1. Jenova

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 +2.5 HD Megathread

    Game has issues it seems. A lot stemming from the original PS3 releases. Reddit Thread Article on the Issues
  2. Jenova

    Kitase inquires about localization of Final Fantasy

    In an interview with USgamer, Yoshinori Kitase inquired of the interviewer what he thought of the overall localization of the Final Fantasy franchise. While on the short side, I thought the article to be a thought provoking read. Do you guys have any opinions and criticisms of current and past...
  3. Jenova

    Final Fantasy Directors Discussion

    Final Fantasy is a large and long-standing franchise. A franchise with many people behind it. Like films, out of the many people that assist with its creation, the director receives the most credit and, in some cases, the most backlash. So I want to know what the folks here think about the...