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  1. APZonerunner

    Mognet Changes & Updates for March '18

    Hello! Some small (and not so small) updates to our community for y'all: The FF15 spoilers forum is gone. Its threads are still here, however - they've just been merged into the Final Fantasy forum in general. We think the statue of limitations has now passed on major spoilers being super...
  2. APZonerunner

    Versus XV

    Hey folks, Here's how this is going to work. People who care about Versus XV: the next post I see about 'Versus XV' outside of the Versus XV megathread will see that user banned. It's derailing too many threads and becoming a constant, consistent problem. That's finished. There is a dedicated...
  3. APZonerunner

    Final Fantasy Versus XV Megathread

    From now on Versus XV wishlisting/dreaming/planning/speculating goes here and nowhere else. It's derailing FF15 threads proper and it has to stop. Here. Nowhere else.
  4. APZonerunner

    FF & ratings, violence & target audiences

    I'm splitting this out from a previous thread, again, 'cos I didn't want to derail something off-track, but... This is a different discussion, I guess, but I do think there's a problem which is that the market has shifted and that casual audience is either so young they're mostly based in...
  5. APZonerunner

    On Aerith, female leads and fridges

    Extrapolated from another thread... Does FF7 really have a woman problem, though? I wanna go through these in a literary sense: Is Aerith really fridged? Y'know, I'm not sure she is. Let's grab the definition a second: "Fridging" (Short for "Women in Refrigerators") Refers to an act where the...
  6. APZonerunner

    Minor Update: Fixes etc

    I fixed a bunch of stuff. I changed some code stuff in the back-end. If the site doesn't work properly for you for any reason, let me know and I'll deal with it. Should be all good though :) Also: new emoji. Really needs no introduction... :hahaha::hahaha::hahaha::hahaha:
  7. APZonerunner

    Final Fantasy XV - Review Thread

    Helllo all. Reviews and discussion of review content, scores and the like go in here once the embargo lifts, okay? Please remember to tag spoilers in this thread as we're not in the spoiler forum here. NDTV - 8/10:
  8. APZonerunner

    FF15 Spoiler Forum Rules -- READ THIS

    Hello! So - FF15 is out there. Leaks, review copies, the works. So here's a forum for spoilers. Here are the rules: DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN THREAD TITLES Here's the right way to do this: "End of Chapter 7: Holy crap!" Here's the wrong way to do this: "I can't believe Cindy dies, WTF" The...
  9. APZonerunner

    A friendly reminder

    Hello! Just a quick reminder that backseat modding, belittling or generally demeaning and downplaying the opinion of others is a sure fire way to find yourself off Mognet, either temporarily or permanently. I know this is a charged and sensitive time; there are people excited for FF15, people...
  10. APZonerunner

    I have played a large chunk of FF15. AMA.

    Hey! So last week before the delay I got to play the first few chapters of FF15 - 0, 1, 2, 3 - and tool around in side quests a lot. I played for over four hours. There'll be multiple articles from me about my experience over the next few hours and days, but amidst the leak kerfuffle the...
  11. APZonerunner

    The General/Small Final Fantasy News Thread

    This thread exists to replace the old FF News thread, which can be found through here: This thread is to be used for discussion and posting of minor, less important FF news and updates. Have at it!
  12. APZonerunner

    Mognet Updates Aug '16

    Some minor updates for August. We'll try to push a larger update before the game releases. Here's what's new: A bunch of changes in the back-end for security, spam reduction, and all that sort of stuff. Better compatability with the Microsoft Edge browser. Fixed some transparency bugs across...
  13. APZonerunner

    How do you sell FF15 to a non-fan friend?

    So... you've got a friend who isn't a current FF fan or even a lapsed FF fan. Or if they are lapsed, they maybe played one game around the PS1 era. Maybe they're not even that into JRPGs, but let's assume they do like RPGs in general. They play Dragon Age, The Witcher, Fallout and Elder Scrolls...
  14. APZonerunner

    Mognet Updates Mar '16

    Some minor updates for the start of March. Here we go: For the first time ever Mognet now has two countdown timers. One, of course, is to FF15's release. The other is currently pointing to E3, and will change to point to other FF and RPG related events as they're announced. The E3 countdown...
  15. APZonerunner

    Mognet Updates: Jan '16

    Hello everyone! Thanks for sticking around on Mognet. I've pushed some updates to the boards. Not much to write home about this time, but here's what's new: Improvements to User Log In/Registration via Facebook, Google and Twitter. Better compatibility with the new Microsoft Edge Browser, for...
  16. APZonerunner

    Major Mognet Update: August '15

    Today we've instituted some major upgrades to the boards from a functionality standpoint. Here's what's new: Security Improvements Here's some pertinent security improvements. Two Step Verification. Worried about your Mognet account getting hijacked? You can now enable two-step account...
  17. APZonerunner

    Trophies & Titles

    Hey Folks - just a quick thread here from me about Trophies and User Titles. Now, the way User Titles work is each Trophy has a value (think Xbox Achievements), and you unlock new titles by completing trophies and racking up a higher score. All of the titles are based off SE/FF positions...
  18. APZonerunner

    New Mognet Adjustments: August '15

    Hello all! :chocowalk: So, with Trade Show season over, I've finally taken the time our today to update the boards quite a bit. Here's what's changed - our patch notes, if you will... If you have suggestions, please drop them into the Suggestion Thread over in The Front Gate forum; we are...
  19. APZonerunner

    On Opinions, Being Outspoken & Bickering

    Hey all, Some of you may have seen the recent thread about FF13, where quotes from a months-old Square Enix press release were pulled out and used as a basis for one member to express their opinion. That's fine. What followed was ridiculous: Users dismissing the quotes as PR spin (okay) Dumb...
  20. APZonerunner

    Google Trends & Interest in FF

    This is going to be a bit of a difficult topic, I imagine, but I wanted to talk a little about this. Managing websites like Nova Crystallis and UFFSite, we obviously care about how much draw Final Fantasy has and how much traffic it can bring and all that. We love FF and we wouldn't stop doing...