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  1. llazy77

    Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event Expectaions/Wishes

    Square Enix will host a “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony” at 17:00 on January 31, 2017 What are your expectations/wishes for the big event?
  2. llazy77

    Your Top Final Fantasy Games

    Lets list our top FF games These are my top 10 1.Final Fantasy VI 2.Final Fantasy IX 3.Final Fantasy V 4.Final Fantasy VII 5.Final Fantasy IV 6.Final Fantasy XII 7.Final Fantasy XV 8.Final Fantasy X 9.Final Fantasy I 10.Final Fantasy XIII
  3. llazy77

    Versus XIII/FNC/XV development - Destroying the 10 year myth - Lots of reading

    Gamefaqs receives alot of criticism for being crappy but holy hell this is one well made post showing the development troubles and development history of Versus/XV its a must read.
  4. llazy77

    Ending Impressions

    In Depth Spoilers on the Ending Below You fight Ifrit, then Ardyn. It seems Ardyns boss fight is pretty short. Then after the credits you see a cg cutscene of Noctis and Luna about to be married. I think this ending couldve been alot better first of all Ardyn could have had a third form where...
  5. llazy77

    Spoiler AMA on GameFAQs

    Heres an AMA seems like this one is legit
  6. llazy77

    English Voice Cast For FFXV

  7. llazy77

    Compilation of all FFXV footage

    2006 May E3 2006 December Jump Festa 2007 December Jump Festa 2008 August DK317 September TGS 2008
  8. llazy77

    Is it Media Blackout Time?(FFXV)

    So much information is getting revealed for FFXV. Is it time to go on a media blackout? I think it is I already got the entire first chapter spoiled by game informer, I'm not going to look at any more new info regarding this game. Yes it's going to be hard but I think it will be worth it. So...
  9. llazy77

    Live Action Naruto Movie In The Works I have a feeling this will be terrible
  10. llazy77

    Dragon Quest XI announced for PS4 and 3DS

    Square Enix has now officially announced the next entry in the mainline Dragon Quest series during their Dragon Quest presentation today, Dragon Quest XI. Confirmed for PS4 and 3DS. Nintendo NX version under consideration Game will come out sometime between the fiscal season of April 2016 and...
  11. llazy77

    Final Fantasy VII WITH LYRICS

    Really great video I found by Brentalfloss. He does a lot of games with lyrics but I think this is his best one. Really talks about alot of the problems with the game like mini games messing with the flow of it and the gaping plot-holes. What do you guys think of it?
  12. llazy77

    Which Upcoming Final Fantasy Game Are You most hyped for?

    Right now what Final Fantasy game are you most hyped for?
  13. llazy77

    Should we avoid the new FFXV trailers

    Recently with type 0 square showed trailers which spoiled major parts of the story. My question is should we go on a media blackout for this game starting with gamescom because of squares current track record of spoiling major things in thire trailers. And I also fear as the game inches closer...
  14. llazy77

    Kojima to leave Konami After MGSV A fallout between Kojima Productions and its owning publisher, Konami, has led to senior staff at the studio being restricted access to corporate internet, emails, and phone, GameSpot understands. Along with the restricted communications, key...
  15. llazy77

    Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae |OT| Almost a decade and my heart still wont let go.

    Publisher: Square Enix Developer: Square Enix Platform: Playstation 4 | Xbox One Genre: Action RPG Rating: RP Release Date : March 19 , 2015 March 17, 2015 March 20, 2015 March 20, 2015 Developers : Producer Shinji Hashimoto Director Hajime Tabata Original Concept Main Character Design...
  16. llazy77

    Are the character designs going to affect the sales of Final Fantasy XV

    Every where I go people are complaining about the character designs. And you know what they say they look like a jpop band. Alot of people are being turned off to this game simply because of that. How much do you think the character designs of Noctics and Co. are going to affect the sales of...
  17. llazy77

    Are you going to skip the demo active time report?

    So who here is going to watch the atr or skip it and experience it when you play the demo so you don't spoil yourself?
  18. llazy77

    No Car for FFXV demo Polygon has interviewed Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata and discussed about the upcoming demo, titled as Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae. During the interview Tabata reveals that they...
  19. llazy77

    Square Enix's History of Trolling

    Square Enix has trolled us so much in the past decade First at e3 2005 when they showed FF7 on ps3 only for it too be a tech demo Then Playstation 4 confrence. " We have a new final fantasy game but wait till e3 please be excited." While showing the same tech demo we saw at e3 2012. Then at the...