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  1. xXShuyaXx

    [In Progress] Game Watch Interview Translation

    I know, I know. I haven't finished the other one as well... I'll get zem zun... I promize... ――「ロイヤルエディション」の発売はいつ頃から予定されていたのでしょうか? Since when was the Royal Edition planned to be released...
  2. xXShuyaXx

    [In Progress] Dengeki Interview

    ――昨年はキャラクターの追加エピソードを含めて、多岐にわたりアップデートをしてきた『ファイナルファンタジーXV(FFXV)』ですが、今回の『ロイヤルエディション』で一区切りという感じでしょうか? Including the Character Episode DLC last year, FFXV has been updated with various new content. But with the Royal Edition, is it sort of like a pit-stop...
  3. xXShuyaXx

    [Completed] Famitsu Interview Translation February 23rd 2018

    Thought more people should read this. Translation is in progress. I am doing this while at work in my free time, so there may be some mistakes. Though I will try go over them again when I get back home. ――本編のリリースから1年と少し経ちました。これまでを振り返ってみていかがですか? It has been about one year since release. How...
  4. xXShuyaXx

    FFXV Cheats - PS4 Save Editor available soon.

    Perhaps some of you may be interested. But the Cyber Gadget company and developer will be releasing a PS4 save editor next month. With this editor, you can not only backup save files, you can edit the save data to add cheats to the games. FFXV is confirmed and it will have 3 premade cheats...
  5. xXShuyaXx

    The irony in progression.

    Over many years, up till this very day, people have complained about FF changing a lot of it's old formulas in which the series had taken comfort with. This is on my personal level of ranting, but in my opinion, it's not a problem where like FF moves from turn-based to action that people are...
  6. xXShuyaXx

    Alternative Gil Farming Guide

    Just wanted to share this. Most gil farming guides usually point to the wyvern hunt method over at Ravatogh, but those guys can be tricky and hard to kill if you are early in the game. Even at the recommended level, it can take you some time to kill them. The ''death'' method using the ring...
  7. xXShuyaXx

    ATR Translation Thread

    Reserved for translation. Please do not reply to this thread until the ATR has finished. Thank you for your understanding. Edit; Welcome to all chocobro's from world over, the stream will be starting in under 30 minutes.
  8. xXShuyaXx

    Square/SE hates Rinoa(?)

    It has boggled me for many years... I am on of those rare seeds that loves FFVIII beyond anything else, preferring a VIII remake or the FFVIIR. But I wonder why Rinoa has never gotten any proper HD love? Sure there was the VIII PS2 technical demo like a decade ago... but there was never any...
  9. xXShuyaXx

    ChocoMog Festival will not require access to Altissia.

    I thought this kinda needed it's own thread, since I saw many people asking whether they had to rush to Altissia to play in the event. Some people like to take things very slowly, so this is very good news.
  10. xXShuyaXx

    Final Fantasy XV Treasury - Mapping Project Proposition

    I have looked at some scans of the English version of the official FFXV guide... and much to my surprise, the loots/treasures and harvest points are not complete. Not even when the 1.03 update guide is included. Many of the points are missing and not on point. However, the Ultimania guide which...
  11. xXShuyaXx

    Consumer brawn over logic.

    Just a time filler post. Share any comments made by consumers that goes against the laws of logic and is just complete whack. Consumer ''brawn'' because they lack brains to speak logic. #consumerbrawn Here's what I ran into today... In relation to the Kingsglaive movie. ''yeah you made a full...
  12. xXShuyaXx

    Ultimania Interview Tidbit - Tabata on the changes from Versus.

    Q. In regards to the main story, how many changes were there? A.Tabata. FFVersusXIII was one of and along with FFXIII were both made based on the story of the Goddess in the ''Fabula Nova Crystalis'' series. However, as the title changed to FFXV and as the next gen hardware came into...