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  1. BladeRunner

    The light of Versus XIII's expiring soul

    At a recent fan event Square has revealed previously unseen FFXV/vsXIII storyboards from 2013 depicting some unused scenes and designs. I figured it would be useful to have a thread dedicated to discussing these and any future juicy details that get spilled on FFXV's early development stages...
  2. BladeRunner

    Beyond Good and Evil 2 is real

    This is the only thing I wanted from Ubisoft, the only reason I've been watching their shitty conferences for the last ten years and it's finally here. I need it in my veins. Now.
  3. BladeRunner

    New KH3 trailer at Orchestra World Tour

    After lowering our expectations to absolute nothing, they drop this. Glorious.
  4. BladeRunner

    Kingdom Hearts Union X (aka KHUX 2.0)

    Kingdom Hearts Unchained X mobile game will relaunch under the new title. It's essentially an expansion of the game, most notably adding a multiplayer mode, where up to six players can play missions together. The trailer also shows some new story, introducing a "new" character whose presence...
  5. BladeRunner

    SE announces new RPG project from "Tales of" producer Hideo Baba

    Square Enix establishes Studio Istolia for new RPG “Project Prelude Rune” Hideo Baba talks new project in Famitsu
  6. BladeRunner

    What is Nintendo trying to achieve with 1-2-Switch?

    Okay, I get that some of them may be fun party games, but some are just... WTF Nintendo? And the winner:
  7. BladeRunner

    Mobius Final Fantasy is out on Steam

    Square's most successful (apparently) mobile title makes it to PC. F2P with gacha mechanics. Steam page I'm downloading right now. Can't say I have high expectations but I'm curious to try it.
  8. BladeRunner

    Final Fantasy 7: An oral history A very interesting and in-depth article on FF7's development by Matt Leone from Polygon.
  9. BladeRunner

    Square Enix on why Dragon Quest hasn’t been as popular as Final Fantasy in the west

    Square Enix on why Dragon Quest hasn’t been as popular as Final Fantasy in the west, keeping the series fresh
  10. BladeRunner

    FFVII Remake vs. The Compilation of FFVII

    As everyone here must already know, the universe of Final Fantasy VII isn't limited to the original game itself. After the initial success of FFVII, it spawned a subseries of its own, consisting of multiple video games, a movie, animes and novellas. Commonly refered to as The Compilation of...
  11. BladeRunner

    Playstation 4 Pro impressions

    I know some of you already got that shiny new PS4 Pro and I'm curious what you think about it. How do the games perform? Is the upgrade significant? How is the device itself? Too big? Loud? Alright? Was it worth the price?
  12. BladeRunner

    Lost Soul Aside - an indie game inspired by FFXV

    Surprised there wasn't a thread on this already. Looks really good, especially considering it was made by one guy. I only fear it may suffer from being too extensively compared with FFXV.
  13. BladeRunner

    What do you think about FFXV's English localization so far?

    I was going to ask this in the general news thread but I figured the localization discussion may be worth its own thread. So, we've got a taste of FFXV English voice acting a year ago with Episode Duscae. It got mixed reception from the fans, but it was supposedly a rushed job just for the...
  14. BladeRunner

    Ni no Kuni 2 Announced

    Unexpected but great news.
  15. BladeRunner

    FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE First Gameplay Trailer

    Amazing. Much more than I expected to see. EDIT: Updated with some glorious HD version.
  16. BladeRunner

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - E3 2015 gameplay trailer

    Enjoy the perfection. EDIT: Updated for some glorious HD
  17. BladeRunner

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper (iOS/Android)

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper is the new moblie FF released on 26th March in NA and EU. I expected it to be an utterly terrible cash-grab like certain other mobile FF game that should not be named. To my surprise, it's actually pretty good. FFRK lets you relive battles from past FF games and...
  18. BladeRunner

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Collector's Edition in the West

    Finally non-japanese fans also get some love from SE. Full contents include: - Collector’s Steelbook Case – The limited edition steelbook case, containing both KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX and KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX discs, features premium artwork from the series Director, Tetsuya Nomura...