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  1. Mayaserena Moonchild

    The Lifestream, Game Art and Reality

    "The Lifestream. That's what we call the river of life that circles our planet, giving life to the world and everything in it." —Marlene, prologue to Advent Children What would you say or think if I told you the Lifestream is something real, all around us, but unseen by almost all human eyes...
  2. Mayaserena Moonchild


    Have any of these game stories been novelized? I'm particularly interested in 7 (and 8). Just for fun, I was going to write a fanfiction novelization but my life turned the wrong way for that. I wish they'd at least make a movie of the original plot. How about any other stories with references...
  3. Mayaserena Moonchild

    Greetings and a question

    Hello everybody. I am new to this forum, but not to the Final Fantasy games. I'm 41 and have been playing these games since my early twenties. There are elements of these storylines that have become incredibly fascinating to me, and for many years I was almost addicted to them. I have made a...