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  1. Bionicle8563

    How can this game pique the interest of newcomers?

    So now that its coming out in 30 days, which is hella exciting, I have but one question. What kind of reception must this game have in order to attract newcomers? I am under the assumption that most of us here are not on the fence about picking up this game. Personally, outside of reviews, I...
  2. Bionicle8563

    Brotherhood Episode 5 - The Warmth of Light

    Good way to wrap up the anime IMO. Not too many revelations but all in all good. That last like 2 seconds where the Sun was eclipsed and there were just stars in the sky. Much foreshadowing. Edit: Forgot to mention, the Episode comes out on YouTube at 1PM AEST (or 39 minutes before this thread...
  3. Bionicle8563

    [Spoilers] FFXV story pacing

    So there seems to be an interview Famitsu got to do with Tabata in which they played till chapter 3 and then asked him about the rest of the game. Tabata replied: “I believe it covers about 15% or so. The chapters go from 0 to 15." And “The entire game structure for Final Fantasy XV consists of...
  4. Bionicle8563

    [Slight Spoilers] FFXV Character Models

    So I thought this warranted a new thread. If not, please do lock this thread. So the models of most of the main characters are out. I really like all of them, can't really say anything bad about any...