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  1. J

    Your Favorite celebrity?

    He is also my all-time favorite one too have wonderful action.
  2. J

    How To Be PC

    Wow, What a fantastic video for those who like politics, well it is a great explanation from my side. I do show this to my brother.
  3. J

    Rank the gameplay from all Kingdom Hearts games you´ve played

    For me all are my favorite one. I also place Kingdom Hearts II in the first position.
  4. J

    SPOILERS - Dedicated SPOILER Thread for Nier:Automata

    I want to know more about this how this will going to happen as I saw the video and it is amazing how this is going to make.
  5. J

    Review: Dragon Quest VII

    I saw its reviews on the steam and it is fantastic, but I am the bit confused that does this game can support the PC or can simply be played on the PS. I am always looking to have the role play game, currently, I am playing Far cry 5 on the PC.
  6. J

    Fallout 76

    Thanks for sharing this, I actually waiting for this to have. I have seen the trailer and it is amazing from my side. I am a bit confused that does this game support the PC version?
  7. J

    Your Top 5 Games

    Hey, guys, I am new here and I am so happy to be here, I best part is to introduce yourself I like to play and explore more in the game. I used to play many other games like multiplayer, shooter game, etc. Many time I used to play with my friends as like game sharing. I like Kingdom heart Final...