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  1. Joshua

    Why is Tokyo RPG Factory a separate standalone corporation?

    On stage at SE E3 pressed they announced a new dev team in Tokyo as "Tokyo RPG Factory". But if you look at their website: You'll see that they aren't just a new dev team but a completely separate corporation from SE, of which SE is the primary...
  2. Joshua

    Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is totally an AlphaDream game, right?

    It has to be AlphaDream - the trailer shows so many game similarities to the last title, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, that it has to be the same team and engine. From the art, hammer animation during attacks, to the Temple Run-esque downward runs during boss fights. Here is that trailer: I'm...
  3. Joshua

    Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Spock and Kingdom Heart's Master Xehanort) passes away at 83

    Sad news :( Life long Star Trek fan and liked hearing his iconic voice take on the role of KH antagonist Master Xehanort in Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance. Here's his full body of work...
  4. Joshua

    FF on iOS/Android: New 2.5D Final Fantasy Title, New FF/Brave Frontier Crossover, and TRIPLE TRIAD

    Here is the article: This snuck in with the FF/Brave Frontier game. New game in the Final Fantasy Dimensions series it looks like. No sign yet of Matrix's involvement but they've been really quiet...
  5. Joshua

    New Mana game incoming? SE launches mystery countdown

    The countdown URL is here and I think that directory listing in the URL more than gives away what this is relating to. The reveal should be just over a week from now. Siliconera says it translates to "The legend will be revived." Considering there is...
  6. Joshua

    Final Fantasy V for iOS gets a much requested feature...

    A much-requested feature just got patched into Final Fantasy V for iOS. Here. Go ahead and check it out.
  7. Joshua

    Terra Battle (Mistwalker, Sakaguchi, iOS and Android) out now in U.S.

    So I see the app is now available in the U.S. app store. Anyone download and get on yet? Remember that the more people that download the game, the more cool stuff that will be added to it: Go ahead and download and share your impressions.
  8. Joshua

    Hironobu Sakaguchi announces Terra Battle for iOS/Android Boom. Guess we don't have to wait for Japan Expo? The art looks very similar to The Last Story so I assume it's Drakengard artist Kimihiko Fujisaka?
  9. Joshua

    Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS, Action RPG) Announced

    There's a scan from JUMP over here: (edit: changed to write-up from Nova Crystallis) It looks like a monster hunting game focused on the iconic Final Fantasy summon monsters, complete with class-based multiplayer...
  10. Joshua

    24: Live Another Day

    Inspired by APZonerunner's glorious avatar... tonight is a pretty big night. If you don't know why, click here. It's not often American network shows get resurrected after cancellation, but here we are. I have managed to keep myself mostly promotional/spoiler free, so I am already tossing...
  11. Joshua

    Bravely Default Discussion

    I am really digging this cheerful little JRPG. What does everyone else think? I'd also like to get some of you added via the social features, so post your code please :)
  12. Joshua

    Lightning Returns Discussion

    Mark spoilers please... I think we have a few threads opened at the moment but not really sure the best place to banter with the passionate XIII fanbases we have here about this game. Some thoughts: It's taken a few hours of playing this game to make me realize how much I missed the...