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  1. Skye

    What if Tabata is in charge of Kingdom Hearts?

    I bet that he would cut at least 35% of the characters in Kingdom Hearts. Just for fun, He would probably say, "For those who were excited to see Xion in the game, unfortunately we will not include her in the game, it would be too confusing for the story." or "We would not include Ventus...
  2. Skye

    Luna's Creation

    Very recently, Tabata showed tech demo for the Luminous Engine. What they showed that event was Luna's hair wig was created back in 2013. I'm pretty much confused, Stella into Luna was Nomura's Idea or Tabata's?
  3. Skye

    My personal review of FFXV in one sentence.

    I have completed the game, gameplay is amazing. For those who waited 10 YEARS for this game, the world and the story... here's my one sentence review!
  4. Skye

    FFXV: Noctis vs Luna might still be in the game

    Ever since Versus XIII, when I saw Noctis and Stella wielded their weapons, I've always wanted to know why theyre fighting each other. I have a theory: Noctis and Luna both can see light, and they obtained powers. Also, No one can summon eidolons except those who recieve powers. The only...
  5. Skye

    "Somnus" and "Kissing You" similarities

    Am I the only one who thinks Somnus is very similar to the song Kissing You musically? Somnus played when Noctis and Stella(Luna) first meet at the party, and also Kissing You played when Romeo and Juliet first meet at the party. I know that FFXV is all about brotherhood and roadtrips, well...
  6. Skye

    Which Final Fantasy characters would you like to see in KH3?

    So far, we know nothing about FF characters in KH3, but for sure Leon and the gang will return for sure, and unfinished Cloud's side story. I'm definitely sure that we'll get new characters from FF on KH3 New FF characters will most likely to appear: Zack (VII) Rinoa (VIII) Lightning (XIII)...
  7. Skye

    Final Fantasy VII Remake using Luminous Engine or Unreal Engine 4?

    Square didn't annouce on which engine that theyre using, which guys do you prefer? Do you think that Luminous would cause a longer development of the game or faster release with Unreal Engine 4?
  8. Skye

    Is Final Fantasy XV still part of FNC Universe?

    Ever since Nomura left as a Director of Final Fantasy XV, i'm kinda worried that Tabata might change anything to Nomura's vision. Tabata assured us that the story will stay the same, now that Stella removed from the story and the "Meeting Predestined by the Divine" meeting is now removed, makes...
  9. Skye

    E3 2015 (What to Expect?)

    I have a huge feeling that E3 2015 will be huge for Square Enix, more huge than 2013. What to expect from E3: 1. New FFXV trailer with more story than gameplay, hopefully we could see more Luna/Stella in their CGI. (Hopefully a release window) 2. New KHIII trailer 3. Expecting new title (Final...
  10. Skye

    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD released in Middle East early

    Apparently, Type 0 released early across the region, including Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE. I bought mine today.
  11. Skye

    Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy PS4 Remaster?

    Would you mind Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Ps4 remaster? I think it's good to have all 3 Fabula Nova Crystallis games on the ps4
  12. Skye

    Noctis/Stella(Or Luna) Theme Song

    I still think that Luna is a Nickname for Stella. I'm pretty sure there's some romance between Noct and Stella from the TGS Trailer 2014. I think their relationship will be complicated and it will end tragically like Romeo and Juliet. Do you realize how similar the song "Somnus" and "Kissing...
  13. Skye

    FFXV: Who is Luna??

    I'm already confused, who is Luna? is this girl looks like Stella? Is it her nickname? her sister?
  14. Skye

    Will Final Fantasy XV's world map be bigger than Final Fantasy XIV?

    When I played Final Fantasy XIV, the world is HUGE! much bigger than XIII-LR, and it took 3 years to build that world. Since FFXV spent 8 years of developing (In full development since 2011), How big FFXV will be?
  15. Skye

    Should FF Type-0 be a numbered title?

    Since they've announced HD Remaster for the PS4, Should the title be as XVI? I thought Type-0 would be weird name.
  16. Skye

    3 Titles will be announced at E3?

    With E3 coming up, I have this feeling they're going to announce something. I checked their schedule for the E3, there's three TBDs, Will there be more than one announcement? My predictions (Top will be most likely): Final...
  17. Skye

    Is FFXV a Final Fantasy version of Game of Thrones?

    If you look at the concept of both FFXV and Game of thrones. In Game of Thrones, all 7 kingdoms wanted the Iron Throne. In Final Fantasy XV, all 5 kingdoms wanted the final crystal, FFXV is more serious, darker than any previous final fantasies, I would be really surprised if they didn't kill...
  18. Skye

    Future Fabula Nova Crystallis games

    Is it possible that all 3 games from FNC will interact each other in one game? I remember there was an interview in Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania and they were planning to interact both XIII-2 and type-0 in 999AF, but the idea was scrapped. Do you think they will make a "Dissidia" version of...
  19. Skye

    Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII?

    Does anyone know any information about this title? It's been trademarked since 2006, According to Toriyama, the project is very much alive, and they're keeping it secretive.
  20. Skye

    Amazon revealed a possible release date for Final Fantasy XV??

    I just checked it on Amazon that Final Fantasy XV would be released on December 31, 2014. I know it is not accurate, but when I ordered Final Fantasy X HD on amazon, it says that the game would be released on December 31, 2013, however it will be released on March 2014. Do you think that Final...