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  1. Prince Naphtali

    Time it takes to produce/Create a Gaming Console and a Video Game

    I was wondering how long it took for Developers to Build Consoles, Engines and 1 Large Scale AAA Open World games. especially with a team of 269.970 members?
  2. Prince Naphtali

    Favorite Final Fantasy Side Characters

    So Looking through old Let's Play/Walkthroughs I came across a character named Deumion. I absolutely fell in love with his design.He's not a main party member nor necessarily an antagonist but he plays a decent role (at least from perspective) in FFII's story. So, I was wondering do any of you...
  3. Prince Naphtali

    What are your Opinions of Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant, Lost Odyssey and The Last Story.

    I've never played an of them and am very interested. Are they worth Buying an Xbox 360 and Wii over?
  4. Prince Naphtali

    Kpop news

    BIGBANG IS COMING BACK yaaaaaaaassssssssssssss, it's been 3 yrs and VIPs are waking from their graves.