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  1. Reverse Vampire

    A Counterargument: A criticism of FFXV (before release)

    Then maybe I just don't like some of the changes they made with the characters and story even though you may say that things were not set in stone till the start of XV's development. Let me list down some of the things I'm not particularly pleased with, since some of you want me to clarify what...
  2. Reverse Vampire

    A Counterargument: A criticism of FFXV (before release)

    But what's wrong with pandering to the anime-loving audience? Granted, I grew up and lived through the period from 7 onwards so I don't really grew up with the older games until I played them much later (mostly in the recent 3DS remakes). You have your preference, and same goes to me and...
  3. Reverse Vampire

    A Counterargument: A criticism of FFXV (before release)

    Seeing how much many of you are looking forward to FFXV on September 30 this year and have plenty of positive things in light of the revelations in the Uncovered event, I felt that I wasn't too thrilled with the many changes that came the moment Tabata entered the project. And I became more...
  4. Reverse Vampire

    Final Fantasy XV: VJump Scan Shows an Action/Skill Window?

    Makes it look more like a Final Fantasy game than a full action game. Now that's what I call bringing back the old elements. :D
  5. Reverse Vampire

    Final Fantasy XV Jump Festa 2015 Trailer Details

    Either that or Square is screwing with up with limited character design for the ladies. >:(
  6. Reverse Vampire

    FFXV English voices TGS Trailer

    I'm not so confident about that, or I need more time to get used to the English voices. I feel as if some of the voices don't suit them at all (with Ignis being the most blatant one IMO. He sounded too old with that appearance of his). Maybe I've been exposed to the Japanese voices for too long...
  7. Reverse Vampire

    Square Enix Presents:Extended Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Emergency Talk Show on October 2nd!

    Finally, more news in future. Can't believe our patience has finally paid off for the past few years.
  8. Reverse Vampire

    We can actually switch characters in FFXV!

    Update: From what I've seen in the livestream, apparently PSN's info was wrong, and that we can't switch characters. Apparently that will make gameplay too complicated, so Tabata and his team removed that before last year's E3 showing of FFXV's trailer.
  9. Reverse Vampire

    We can actually switch characters in FFXV!

    And let's just hope we will actually control all playable characters in the actual game itself, and not Square Enix trying to cheer us up and then crush our hopes and dreams to pieces when we get our hands on the game later. I'm not sure why I'm being cautiously optimistic this week. I hope...
  10. Reverse Vampire

    We can actually switch characters in FFXV! From what I can get out of it, we can actually switch characters in FFXV according to the description in the Japanese PS Store. So, guys, we can rejoice now. :happy::happy::happy:
  11. Reverse Vampire

    Doraemon is evil!

    *triple facepalm* :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm: Sure, Doraemon is huge in East Asia from where I come from, and it's only now the Chinese paper think that Doraemon is the devil? I wonder if whether they have enough time in their hands to write such head-banging article in the first place. Now...
  12. Reverse Vampire

    Final Fantasy XV Demo Presentation by Tabata

    I'm watching the 1080p version of the demo, and god everything looks so gorgeous. Don't really enjoy the first part of the video, talking and all. I'm calling it: Square Enix is my permanent caffeine to keep my excitement for Type-0/Agito and XV going.
  13. Reverse Vampire

    Final Fantasy XV at E3 - Yes or No? Time to stake your pride!

    I chose Option 2. Maybe the optimist in me is screaming to tell me that a new trailer will be out on this year's E3. I'm also quite confident that the live demo will be on this year's TGS. After all, it's a Japanese game, so the Japanese gamers get first priority if you ask me.
  14. Reverse Vampire

    - Everything we know about FFXV -

    To be the optimistic member here I believe there will be an influx of info once the PS4 reach Japanese shores. I'm crossing my fingers at the slightest possibility here.
  15. Reverse Vampire

    - Everything we know about FFXV -

    Probably the Behemoths in the wild (as seen in the 2011 trailer and mentioned in an interview shortly after the trailer was uploaded) are supposed to be smaller than the ones seen in the city areas, and that's because those behemoths aren't magically enhanced (hints point to the crystals stolen...
  16. Reverse Vampire

    What happen to the days of the Grandia saga, why wipe that off the grid??

    The battle system in Grandia 3 is probably the best element in the game, could actually play the game all day because of it. Story...well nay and that's why there isn't any more sequels to the series. I'm hoping some game (most likely a spiritual successor) uses a Grandia battle system, albeit...
  17. Reverse Vampire

    Persona team opens teaser site for November 24

    And the speculation begins. Seriously I would like to give two thumbs up for ATLUS for the surprise at the end of the livestream. Saving the best and most anticipated news last. (Happened to watch the livestream from start to end, good thing I stayed in Asia.) I'm definitely getting Persona Q...
  18. Reverse Vampire

    Noctis gets his own Play Arts Kai figure, now in progress

    Man, I'm going to be broke with merchandises I care about at this rate. *drools* Hoping that there will be Play Arts Kai figures of the other main characters. :D
  19. Reverse Vampire

    What games are you playing now?

    Heading back to nostalgia valley; I've picked up the first Ace Attorney game as well. Good thing for backward compatibility for the 3DS.
  20. Reverse Vampire

    Anyone (everywhere in the world) having trouble buying KH3D?

    Well I asked most of the shop keepers to all the game stores I've visited for the past two weeks. Currently it's out of stock in Singapore but they estimated that the new batch will arrive in a couple of days at the earliest. A few of them told me not to get my hopes high up since there will be...