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  1. Reverse Vampire

    A Counterargument: A criticism of FFXV (before release)

    Seeing how much many of you are looking forward to FFXV on September 30 this year and have plenty of positive things in light of the revelations in the Uncovered event, I felt that I wasn't too thrilled with the many changes that came the moment Tabata entered the project. And I became more...
  2. Reverse Vampire

    We can actually switch characters in FFXV! From what I can get out of it, we can actually switch characters in FFXV according to the description in the Japanese PS Store. So, guys, we can rejoice now. :happy::happy::happy:
  3. Reverse Vampire

    Anyone (everywhere in the world) having trouble buying KH3D?

    I finally got myself a 3DS (XL) and picked up Pokemon X and Fire Emblem: Awakening to start my 3DS experience. I've tried looking all around Singapore finding Dream Drop Distance but out of all the shops I've visited so far none of them are having the game in stock. Does anyone (Singapore and...
  4. Reverse Vampire

    Persona 4: The Ultimate Ultra Suplex Hold new trailer

    Eh hem for the long title. o_O New character made me want to know what's up with the game and buy it once it hits the shelves. Haven't played the first game yet, but I plan to once I buy a PS3 or PS4. And hooray for Yukari and Junpei's return. And what's up with the costume Yukari? I know...