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  1. Storm

    Square Enix - Player Survey 2018 "help shape the future of Square-Enix", the tagline says. also 14 participants will receive $500 in funds to spend on the Square-Enix Store. link >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> edit: over
  2. Storm

    Translations of the Official Works book

    so about that new book theres some bits that were already translated; ill keep posting here if i find anything else. Though the main story begins in the year 756 of the modern era (M.E.), the world’s history has been recorded for over 2,000 years, and its contents are essential for a deep...
  3. Storm

    New interpretation of Insomnia

    this is a random thought (it might not even be "new), but after the death motif being removed (meaning actual death worship) i always questioned myself what justifies now the black color in the culture of insomnia? but if you realize whats behind the creation of the monarchy and the city it...
  4. Storm

    Shiva x Ifrit theory

    so the bestiary entry for shiva in the german version says Shiva was Ifrit's lover, then i actually rewatched this video and... shiva kisses ifrit after freezing him to death this could totally be seen as a farewell kiss in my opinion; too far-fetched for now but this scene might be telling...
  5. Storm

    Exploring Tenebrae with armiger mode glitch

    well, ok then :/ anyway, there's nothing modeled inside the buildings, i don't think it ever meant to be explorable... who knows
  6. Storm

    2 new FFVIIR screens shown in Monaco

    seems like the cover system of FFXV is returning
  7. Storm

    Insomnia glitch i absolutely need to try this glitch
  8. Storm

    concept arts for upcoming DLCs they're from the UCE, if i'm not mistaken.
  9. Storm

    Cartanica glitch

  10. Storm

    About gladio

    i was thinking about why he was my least favorite character of the group, i mean he got very funny lines and i like him overall, and then it's pretty obvious... he got the most underpresented skill of the guys. prompto's pictures and ignis cooking is a sizeable part of the game and of their...
  11. Storm

    Must see - about Prompto

    really interesting video about the fact his was an MT. anyway, i like him a lot as a character; the way he's always cheerful and goofy makes me think he's trying to convince himself he's human and alive and not an MT. also, he's being an MT explains how he got the magitek spear in the...
  12. Storm

    Dawn trailer

    i don't understand why it wasn't used, ok maybe that scene with luna and noctis with his father wouldn't fit with the story they planned but... the soldiers inspecting cars in lestallum would obviously fit in the narrative after chapter 4 where the empire is searching the fugitives (noctis and...
  13. Storm

    Will Insomnia be explorable in FFXV?

    Lucis will be conquered in the beginning and be partially destroyed, and Noctis and his friends will be travelling around the world to search for help. my question is, when they'll retake Lucis? I have a fear that it'll only be in the final act, because we didn't had any confirmation that we...