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  1. Valeny7

    Hi! (^-^)/

    Hi guys, I'm 23 years old and I'm italian... So, sorry for my bad English:hahaha: I've played Final Fantasy V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII and XV but my favourite is IX. I'm a glitch hunter in FFXV (lel yes, I like discover new things related to this game) and I'm an active player in Dissidia...
  2. Luca

    Hiya Hiya ^^

    Heyo o7 My name is Kaelin, but Luca or Spooky is also fine ^^ I like really chill music, long walks on the beach, and the adoration of millions- I mean, apple juice. Lots of apple juice. I'm a 'Late-Bloomer' when it comes to Final Fantasy- my first game was Final Fantasy X, but I ended up...
  3. SilverGlyph


    Hey y'all, good to be here, glad to be here. I'm Syd. I've been playing games for quite a long time, but never played a Final Fantasy game until about three years ago. Played the XIII trilogy and got varying degrees of enjoyment; played a bit of III on mobile and liked it; played the 14-day...