A Final Fantasy styled game I'm currently working on :3

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Do you like side scrolling beat'em ups?

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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Oct 26, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts
Hello all, ever wanted to make the next FF? Well I know I have years. When I was younger I wanted to make the next Final Fantasy game that would be known as Final Fantasy XIII. But that dream eventually failed but the project didn't. Nope, I stuck with it for years and now it is time to finally start on my big title for the Wii U which will hopefully drop in late 2014 or early 2015.

Pub Master Quest is something I've been working on for years, I've released some awfully made spin offs of the game but the main series is something I've really only been developing in my notes. I think I've come up with a solution to that missing feeling in FF games that people have been longing for for years but I want to share it in a not so typical way of a Final Fantasy game. I've been studying games such as Castle C rashers, The world ends with you, the wonderful 101, etc and of course, plenty of well made Final Fantasy games

I want to create a rich and detailed world accompanied by 2D styled characters, sorta like Disgaea D3 but with backgrounds similar to art like this:

I myself currently am working on perfecting everything I've created for the project over the years, the World, the Characters &Enemies, and just the over all story so that it would appeal in way that players would enjoy.

The game play is simple but it's a lot to go into at the moment, one thing I will say their will be summons and if I can get the help from Square Enix come next month then a lot of old FF summons such as Ifrit, Shiva, and Odin might make it in the game which when playing multiplayer would be controlled by the Wii UGamepad holder.

The game will feature cut scenes in the form of 3D scenes looking close to Ps2 or most likely a Ds FF game. I could always seek out some one or a few people to try to create something like one of squares CG scenes but I don't care about those, you don't need CG scenes to make the game stand out that much. I mean if I got the chance then I would do it for like the opening and ending scenes but I'm sure these type of cut scenes will do just fine with some good story boarding and the right animator.

This picture above is not a final piece of the game play theory so I can assure you their will be much better layout and more things will tweaked and add to make the HUD just right and not to cluttered nor might this be the final way the game will look. When I form the team for this game, We will work to make the game look close to the "Dream Final Concept" but if it can't be reach then anything close to it will settle.

So with that being said, yeah this is gonna be the best RPG beat'em up out there coming to Wii. I plan to update this Thread with new pictures and other updates on the Development status and other things surrounding the game. However, there is another reason why I made this thread. I wanna her from all of you Final Fantasy fans, tell me, what is your thoughts on what made your favorite FF game good and what would you like to see brought into to this game. Come on let's here them ideas. I'm taking note of all of them and I'll see what comes out of all of them. ;)