A Medieval period or a High Tech Final Fantasy for you?

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Sep 27, 2013
What would Final Fantasy VI's world be considered? I mean it had castles and towns, but it also had robots and robot castles. That kind of style I really enjoyed, as well as Final Fantasy XII's. While I did enjoy Final Fantasy XIII it was a bit too futuristic to me.


Sep 29, 2013
Honestly, I do prefer the high tech Final Fantasies. Mainly XIII. However, I guess I liked what they did with XIII in general (Gran Pulse, before XIII-2 honestly wasn't all that high tech since it had been basically abandoned.) Although the idea of mythology and gods and l'Cie or whatever you'd group all those things as (how gods operate and such I suppose?) also appealed to me. The Cosmology of it I suppose. Don't ever have me talk about the setting of XIII I will never shut up.

XV has a similar enough setting, it seems that I'm really excited for it. Ivalice too is one of my other favorites, despite being somewhat medieval. (I've never understood the logic of no TV's and stuff but yet they manage to have high tech airships that can be fairly large). I really love the settings though, it's really pretty and some things are very creepy too. It's expansive, with a very expansive mythology. It just makes me so happy.

Strange because Sci-fi has never been something that's appealed to me. (Then again, in terms of what types of settings I like is not something I've ever thought about.) I think definitely being able to explore and view things as you want to in game definitely has an effect on whether I like a game settings as much as XII and XIII. (Then again, FFTA was the first FF I've ever played and I spent approximately half of my childhood on that game. I thought the setting from that game was really pretty too, so I don't even know man.)

With the rest of the FFs, I'm not too fond of the settings. They're definitely fine, but so far nothing's stuck out to me.
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