All the titles Square Enix could show at PSX & Jump Festa

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Warrior of Light
Nov 12, 2014
The following is all the titles Square Enix could show at PlayStation Experience & Jump Festa 2016.

Business Division 1
  • Final Fantasy VII (PS4 port) - Could drop at any time
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PC) - It'll be out in December
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake - lock it in for PSX
The Lightning Saga - something they could do at any time
Final Fantasy VIII (ports) - Something they could do at any time
Final Fantasy X-3 - Sadly don't expect this for a long time
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (ports) - something they could do at any time
New Parasite Eve

Business Division 2
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 Online - expect it at Jump
  • Final Fantasy XV - expect it at Jump but not PSX
  • New IP - don't expect this until XV is actually released
Business Division 3
  • World of Final Fantasy - good chance to appear at both
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue - After the D23 event they might go quiet, Jump is much more likely than PSX
  • SaGa Scarlet Grace - Maybe Jump
  • Kingdom Hearts III - Wouldn't get my hopes up, still a long way away
New Front Mission - it's about time already

Business Division 4

Nothing rumoured, wouldn't expect anything considering they're about to launch Dissidia. Expect the PS4 version in about a year.

Business Division 5
  • Final Fantasy XI Mobile
  • Final Fantasy XIV 3.2
  • Rumoured:
  • Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster - expect it in 2016
  • Final Fantasy XVI - expect it in 2017
Business Division 6
  • Dragon Quest Builders - lock it in for Jump
  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 - lock it in for Jump
  • Dragon Quest Heroes II - lock it in for Jump
  • Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner
  • Nier Automata - Already ruled out
  • Dragon Quest XI - Jump would be a good time
Business Division 7
  • Lord of Vermilion Arena - lock it in for Jump
  • Figure Heads - lock it in for Jump
  • Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness - lock it in for Jump, PSX is likely
Business Division 8
  • Alice Order - lock it in for Jump
Business Division 9

Wouldn't expect anything yet but a remake of FFIV Interlude would be nice.
Final Fantasy III-VI (ports) - anytime

Business Division 10
  • Final Fantasy Adventure - lock it in for Jump

Won't bother listing the western studios. As for Tokyo RPG Factory with Setsuna, I'd expect it at Jump.