Alternative Gil Farming Guide

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SOLDIER Second Class
May 25, 2016
Just wanted to share this.

Most gil farming guides usually point to the wyvern hunt method over at Ravatogh, but those guys can be tricky and hard to kill if you are early in the game. Even at the recommended level, it can take you some time to kill them. The ''death'' method using the ring magic to instakill the wyverns require you to have made significant progress in the game. But my method can have you farming gil as early as Chapter 3. So here I will share my guide into becoming a early millionaire.

1. This method requires the breaking of monster parts. So I recommend some specific weapons that can increase the likelihood of breakage.
  • Engine Blade II or Ultima Blade - For the first warp strike - 80% break chance (explained later).
  • Hard Edge - Use this if you cannot get any of the weapons listed below.
  • Sword of the Tall - Obtained from Costlemark Tower - Gives 90% break chance at all ranges.
  • Axe of the Conqueror - Obtained early in the game - High break chance, but has low warp strike accuracy.
There may be other weapons, but I find that these weapons make breaking a lot easier.

2. Farming monster and parts.
  • Monster - Spiracorn
  • Part - Crooked Helix Horn - Sells 1300gil per item.
3. Farming Location.
  • Coernix Bypass - This location only contains Spiracorns as the main mob group. Occasionally killer bees and wolfs will spawn while fighting. Do note that dropships will also spawn too. There can be over 30 Spiracorns in this area at any given time.
4. This method will exploit a game mechanic (not a cheat exploit though, just using the games own mechanics to your own advantage).
  • Once Spiracorns are killed, they will not respawn until you sleep or wait out till the next day. Monster whistle will not work on them either. However there is a way to respawn them.
  • Do not kill the Spiracorns, or at least keep one alive. After breaking the horns off the Spiracorns, run away and go onto the next group.
  • After a few minutes, the broken horns will reset and the mob group may also reset as well. So if you left one alive, 2-4 more will respawn.
  • This will allow you to continuously farm without break.
  • However, once it is dark, it is very hard to see and target the heads, also there is the risk of Daemons spawning, so I do suggest that you camp out once night falls.
  • But on average, when I farm, I can get x99 in a single day pre-chapter 6, when daytime is still normal. You will lose light faster, so farming will get a little slower once nights come faster.

5. Park your car at the parking spot for teleport and as a easy place to sell your loot.
  • The red circles are where the Spiracorn mobs are located. The directional lines indicate my recommended path.
  • One of the groups will not always spawn.
  • By leaving at least one alive in each location, you will be able to repeat this without having to rest. The mobs will reset once you make a loop.
6. Breaking tips.
  • This will depend on your level and your damage output, so it will vary for others, so do some practice runs for trial and error.
  • From my experience, the sword of the tall has the highest break chance for low HP cost per warp strike.
  • Axe of the Conqueror also has a high chance, however it is easy to miss with this.
With this method, gil farming can be done early. Even at low levels as you don't have to actually spend the time to kill the mobs.

I will post a video later to show it's efficiency.