Beyond Good and Evil 2 is real

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Jun 7, 2014

Honestly, I'm getting really worried about this game. Don't get me wrong, this is my most awaited game of all time, I would sacrifice KH3, 7R, everything to get this one out. But after watching this and hearing him talk about it, I feel it's way too ambitious to be feasible. I don't want to call another NMS or Peter Molyneux style fiasco but I'm just not sure if they can pull it off.

But one thing I'm pretty sure of now, considering the stage of development, the scale of the game and the fact that platforms weren't announced, is that this is targeted at the next gen consoles.
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Warrior of Light
Oct 26, 2013
it looks pretty good and ambitious, i just wish the game comes with the same charm and quality of the original, nothing else.