Big PS4 Announcement at TGS According to Former Famitsu Editor in Chief

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Sep 26, 2013
You guys are neglecting Kitase and Ito.

While Ito has been concealing his pet project for lord-knows-h0w-long, Kitase departed from working on XV in order to devote himself to his own project. Perhaps one shouldn't entirely give up on SE announcing something big at TGS, themselves.
What pet project? I hope you’re not referring to the large-scale project Galvanizer made up. The latest project Ito worked on was Deadman's Cross for iOS and Android, which came out this year.


PSICOM Soldier
May 25, 2014
Chicago, IL
Galvanization*. And yes, I think he's referring to that.
Well no, but I had Deadman's Cross in mind because that's his most recent work.

All I was saying was that I hope he's been up to more than working on mobile titles, or washing the SaGa dishes. Which is unlikely in itself, but his talent has been seemingly compromised for the past several years. He's been attached to the KH portable games, FF IV's DS remake, and some iOS ports, but who are they to relegate him to that?