Come play Lightning Returns & talk to the developers, on us [UK]

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Jul 25, 2013
Solihull, UK
Hey folks! I've got an exciting little opportunity here for any of you based in the UK, or anybody from close enough to the UK that they could hop on an under-sea train or something to get there.

Next Monday, the 14th October, our friends at Square Enix are holding a Lighting Returns Community Day Event in partnership with IGN in Central London. The event is strictly ticket only, but the guys at Square have been kind enough to pass some down to us to distribute among the hardcore fans here on Mognet and the UFF Network sites.

You'll get to go hands-on with the game and get some time with a never-before-seen segment of Lightning's new adventure. You'll then get a chance to meet and participate in a fan Q&A with Motomu Toriyama (Director/Writer - FF13 series, Event Director/Writer - FF10 Series, Event Planner - FF7) and Yuji Abe (Gameplay Director, FF13 Series).

Oh, I'll be there as well. So you'll get to meet me. Isn't that marvellous?

What do I need to do?
We're giving away several pairs of tickets here on Mognet Central, meaning some of our users can head to the event and take a friend with them.

For a chance at winning, all you need to do is reply to this thread answering a simple question:
Lightning already has tribute costumes for Cloud, Aerith, Yuna and FF14's Miqo'te race in Lighting Returns. If you could suggest one more tribute outfit for her, what would it be and why?

We'll pick three of our favourites who will then get their hands on the tickets. If you don't have a friend who can make it, consider offering your +1 to another community member!

Everybody who enters will also get their hands on a one-time Mognet Central trophy for taking the time to enter. If you'd like to answer the above question anyway and nab the trophy but are too far away to make the event, please note it in your post!

Not a member? You're still eligible! Sign up and get posting!

We'll also be giving away two more pairs of tickets across our Twitter channels - @UFFSite, @Nova_Crystallis and @RPGSite. Keep an eye on those for more details.

When, Terms & Other Business
When? As mentioned earlier, the event takes place on Monday the 14th October. It's at the posh Troxy venue, located between the City and Canary Wharf - in the heart of London, right by the river. It's a three minute walk from the Limehouse Station, so is easy to find.

The event is taking place at 6:30 on the evening, so people closer to London won't have to miss a full day's work to attend.

If you enter the competition you must be able to attend, including travel to London, on your own. We unfortunately can't aid with this. In terms of who wins, the decision of Mognet Administration is final.

You must be over 18 years old. 16 and 17 year olds are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult or they will be denied entry to the event. You should bring valid photo ID like you would to the pub or cinema in case door staff see fit to ID you.

That's it! Fire away.
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Aug 31, 2013
I know it sounds so random, but I always really liked Setzers outfit from FF6. I am sure Lightning could pull it off somewhat.



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Oct 10, 2013
Unfortunately I cannot attend but I would like to participate anyway just for fun.

I'd say Ashe's costume, like the picture below ;).


PS: Cheers for the new forum.
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Oct 10, 2013
Gravesend, Kent
Gotta love Setzer's Outfit, remarkably similar to Faris' outfit from FF5, but then, Lightning already has a costume that looks remarkably similar to that ...

So, I'm gonna be Mr. Boring and choose Warrior of Light.

There's just something about his Dissidia incarnation I always loved, and he wields a Sword and Sheild so the transition could work really well onto Lightning.
Not to mention this or the Knight incarnation is something truly iconic to the series.

Overall if I found out this made it in as a costume, I'd be over the moon.
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Oct 10, 2013
I badly want to see her in Celes's outfit from Final Fantasy VI.

Because I think that she would fit in to Lightning's character.


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Oct 5, 2013
Just grabbing the trophy here.

I'd add a Class Zero outfit from Type-0 to pay homage to the great but underappreciated companion entry in the FNC mythology!
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Sep 26, 2013
The basement
I wouldn't be able to go even if I won, but I like me some trophies.

After some about a Hatsune Miku outfit? Since she is almost everywhere now and I don't think she has had a cameo in a FF game yet, and the costume aspect of LR is a good way to include her costume at least.


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Oct 7, 2013
Not in UK, posting for the trophy ;)

I would love to see something silly and nonsensical as an outfit - so I will go with a Cait Sith costume (the cat part, not the fat cat) much like the one in Toriyama's other dress-a-thon X-2. Maybe with luck/coin based abilities tied to it.
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