Community Project: Celebration of FFXI's 15th anniversary, to be sent to the dev team

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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Oct 14, 2015
This is something I've been planning out for the last month and I'm finally able to announce it. So 2017 marks not just the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, but the 15th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI as well. That's right, FFXI has been around for half the time as of the entire series!

In recognition and celebration of this momentous event, I'd like to organize a community project as a thank you to the FFXI dev team and Square Enix as a whole. To participate, please fill out the Google Form below. You can also directly email via the email address provided at the bottom of the form.

Fill out this form:

We have a little under 2 months to gather your heartfelt messages and compile them into a format that I'll send over to the FFXI dev team. (The format we use will be announced at a later date when I review what kind of media ends up submitted by players)

If FFXI has impacted you in any way in the past or present, please submit a personal message of yours via the above form. I recommend also including a screenshot or fanart of yours which you can email attach (see bottom of form).

Thank you to the FFXI dev team for making a game that has impacted me so greatly over the last 15 years, and thank you to the players for making it such a brilliant community & supporting the game all these years allowing it to continue.

In May I will be sending your compiled messages to my contact at Square Enix to present to the FFXI dev team.

(As a note, you can edit your existing submission as well as submit multiple entries if needed.)