Competition: Win Final Fantasy VIII PC on Steam!

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Jul 25, 2013
Solihull, UK
Hey folks! Competition time again!

Thanks to the brilliant people at Square Enix Europe, we've a few couple of Steam codes to give away for the newly announced release of the all-time-classic Final Fantasy VIII on the service.

We're going to give two of these Steam Codes away here on Mognet Central - all you'll need is an account here and a Steam account to redeem the code on!

All you need to do is tell us this:
If you were going to have a mythical creature - from Final Fantasy or otherwise - as your Guardian Force (GF) as in FF8, what would it be?

We'll let this run for a couple of days and give people a chance to reply and then we'll pick out a couple of our favourites and drop them a private message with their steam codes at the end. Simple! Bonus points for being creative, having awesome explanations of why, or finding some other cool way to illustrate your point!

If you're reaching Mognet via news of this competition, we encourage you to stick around and be a part of our growing little FF & RPG community! There's a thread to introduce yourself through here, and then you can head to the main page to get involved in discussions across the rest of the boards!

Good luck! We'll be giving away some other codes via Twitter, so be sure to watch the RPG Site, Nova Crystallis & UFFSite accounts for those flash giveaways.

Boring Terms & Conditions stuff: Administrator/Staff decision is final. Terms of competition subject to change at any time.
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Dec 11, 2013
A moomba, FF8 didn't have a strong mog presence and they are so cute. That orange looks makes them warn and nice.

First post in here, thanks for the giveaway and it's always nice to see a comunity like this.
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Dec 11, 2013
Sin from FFX. Seriously that thing is near invincible, can create multiple other beings that a very strong in their own right. On top of this your characters stat gains would be huge with this thing as your Guardian Force!


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Dec 11, 2013
Gonna go with a Moogle.

Okay, bear with me here a second. It's incredibly practical. Travel size, obviously, so constant companionship is a plus. Have to camp roadside? Instant pillow. Getting mugged by bandits? Instant distraction by cuteness. Levels of adorableness would also instantly get me shop discounts in female owned shops. Heck, I bet male owned shops too, they're that cute. If FF14 has taught me anything, it's that they are also great at deliveries. I bet that extends from mail. Need to hit someone with a strong pun? Just whip out my moogle and expect a great delivery. A moogle would also be good in a dire situation. Have I come across a battle that I can't seem to run away from? Well no worries, I can just play dead while my moogle runs for me to pull my enemies away. Flawless execution. Right guys? Guys?
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Dec 12, 2013
Ah but to summon forth Great Cthulhu from where he lies dreaming in his house at R'lyeh.

The ultimate GF, visiting unmentionable horrors on your foes, whilst consuming your memories as you hammer fervently on you Ia! button to maximise Boost.

But beware; if fully unleashed at a time when the stars are in alignment, the other Great Old Ones will travel forth from the angles betwixt dimensions where they've been imprisoned for millennia, causing an end to not only your game of FFVIII but, inexplicably, every Final Fantasy game being played anywhere by anyone at that exact time!
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