Compilation dedicated to the various projects of the FF15 universe

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Steven Mailloux

Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Aug 13, 2016
Hello my fellow Final Fantasy fans!

I made a compilation of trailers to showcase the 10 years development of the FF15/Versus XIII project and its universe.

Feel free, to comment, like, dislike, etc.

Its nothing subliminal, but I still enjoyed making it and it demonstrates the most important stages of the project.

I also made a very slightly different and shorter one in French.

Let me know how you guys like them!

The GemiKnight

Clan Centurio Member
Nov 11, 2016
Durban, South Africa
Great work putting this together! It's incredible to see how far this project has come and now we are just mere days away.
Whatever happens, I got nothing but respect for the time and effort Square Enix put into this game. So ready to begin a new FF adventure!