DISSIDIA Final Fantasy..anything?

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PSICOM Soldier
Jul 16, 2016
Hello ..
Dissidia as some of you may know started on PSP then PSV then (a newer instalment) on ARCADE..
it was rumoured, or ..real talk?... a lot in 2015-2016 that it's coming to PS4 with story mode (For this instalment of Dissidia SE collaborated with KoiTecmo )..

Now, is there any news? anything?

Because (FF speaking) after XIIZA and VIIR .. there is nothing that SE is presenting....
and the latest "Fiscal year report" made it clear that we'll have only 2 grand games per year .. till March 2018 it seems that even KH3 won't be here .. Maybe that Marvel game? .. would NieR even count? ..

either way Dissidia wouldn't rank as grand, and SE is collaborating for this one ... that's why I am asking ..
knowing the games nature it would be THE BEST 30 anniversary celebration gift. that or a FFI remake which might seem impossible.

your thoughts please..