Dragon Quest 1-8 all heading to iOS and Android

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Mognet Newsbot
Jul 26, 2013
Square Enix has announced that they're to release the first eight titles in the Dragon Quest series in the form of comprehensive ports for iOS and Android devices.

While the current announcement only applies to Japan, a Western release might well be likely, with many of Square Enix's other iOS and Android based efforts for the Final Fantasy series and other titles making it over fully localized.

An official website for the releases has bee...

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Knight of Death
Japan is going to bounce up and down with glee over this. These are going to do ridiculously well, prompting Square to - if they haven't done so already - look at the pie charts and say "yyyyup, let's put the next mainline Dragon Quest game on mobile!".

Here's some food for thoughts:

1) Why is Dragon Quest IX excluded? If they get fit in the eighth game on mobile (...that's actually really impressive if so. It's just a testament to how advanced our pocket devices have become in such short spaces of time), why not a DS game?

2) How will they charge? Are they going to have premium price tags like the Final Fantasy games on iOS, that go up and up incrementally with new "trilogy", or will they command a relatively low (or free!) initial asking price before crow-barring the player into micro-transactions of all sorts? Inflate the difficulty and unless you fancy grinding for twenty more hours, you have to buy a better weapon? Is that the only way one can monetise something like DQVIII to death?

3) We're still not going to get these, are we?

4) Turn-based RPGs as traditional as Dragon Quest would actually work pleasantly well on touch devices. Okay, maybe sans the virtual D-pad thing, but at least they're not trying to put a series of action-RPGs on it with scant consideration of how well it would play on the format.

5) Most of NeoGAF is fuming, saying this is proof that SE have no idea what they're doing, and are destined to destroy themselves. Let me remind them that a) mobile games are stupidly big in Nihon; b) this is Dragon Quest. It's stupidly big in Nihon; and c) this won't even need to break much of a nail porting these, compared to say, remastering DQVIII or something for PS3/4/Vita.