Elteria Adventures Alpha opens for a limited time

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Jun 16, 2020
Hello everybody! I am one of the developers of Elteria Adventures - a massive online RPG fuses together several genres like MMO, Platformer, and Builder to give you an unprecedented degree of creative freedom.

We are extremely excited (and a tiny bit nervous tbh), to open the Alpha version of our game for everyone during the Steam Summer Festival.

So come and play, completely free, and share your feedback!

Steam Store Page - Download now on Steam.

In Elteria you will jump from one floating island to the next, gathering materials and building whatever it is you want to build in your plots. There are classes with abilities to fight the mobs, and you can also form alliances with friends :)

If you already played Elteria in Closed Beta, we have massively updated the world of Elteria, including the dangerous (and free to PvP) Wild Area, item rarity system, and new building and customization options! We’d love to see you again.