Ex-Square Enix Developers Announce Chaos Centurions for Mobile

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Sep 26, 2013
Ex-Square Enix Developers Announce Chaos Centurions for Mobile

The game is a side scrolling RTS of sorts. Looks meatier than the general Japanese mobile card game stuff, so people probably should be too pissed off. It's developed by Oriflamme, a new mobile developer headed by Ryuji Ikeda, the main programmer for Dissidia Final Fantasy. There are a number of ex-S-E staff too, some of whom are very interesting.

The staff list at the end of the trailer:

Ryuji Ikeda (Main Programmer for Dissidia Final Fantasy)
Kentaro Yasui (Main Programmer for Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII [lol])
Takaaki Mizuno
Akinori Ishiai
(VFX and Battle Programmer for Dissidia Final Fantasy)
Yu Yoshikawa
Yusuke Nozawa
Yuko Ikeda
(Event Motion Designer for Final Fantasy XIII)

Production Designer: Tatsuya Yoshikawa (Character Designer for Breath of Fire series)
Sound Designer: Masayoshi Umezu (Ex-Capcom Sound Designer)
Director of Photography: Tomonori Hori
Written by: Kenichi Iwao
(World Concept Planning for Final Fantasy XIV), Alexander O Smith (Localization God)

Wazi the pa

Samurai Legend
Site Staff
Oct 26, 2013
Seriously, there has to be a limit as to how long Square will wait til they can update on the game. Is it because of the layoffs? Is it because the game is still early in development?

Kingdom Hearts III deserves all the time it needs to develop but we should at least hear something of XV or a message from Square Enix where we (the fans) can expect the next update of the game. I hope they do that at the Tokyo Game Show this year.

Also, mobile games have never been my source of entertainment and it never will be.
Sep 26, 2013
Apparently Erren think that Yasui-san may have left Square Enix, according to her Nova Crystallis article, which really worries me.

Click here for the article.
Either he left or is working on two projects. Wouldn't surprise me though.


Erren updated her site saying a private source told her that he did in fact leave Square Enix. Waiting on official confirmation.
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Sphere Hunter
Oct 7, 2013
It's interesting to note that the number of people working on this are on par with Sakaguchi's Terra Battle (where he said about 6 core staff, 8 for art, and 2 for sound). It's encouraging to see notable Japanese designers go it on their own and build interesting projects with smaller teams - I hope more of this takes place and we see a renaissance of 2D and 3D titles emerge.