[Fake] New KH Artwork - Young Xehanort and Young Eraqus

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Sep 26, 2013
Update : I'm really sorry about the pic, it's my misunderstood Orz...


(At first I have to say that again - sorry for my poor English skill)

There will be Thailand Comic Con Event in Paragon [email protected] Paragon in Bangkok Thailand 9-11 May 2014.

Today (8 April) there is Press conference. They confirmed that Mr. Shinji Hashimoto will join the event in 10 May, and he will show the new FFXV and KHIII footage. (Personally, I still didn't believe about the new footage , it's hard to come true)

But there is a new Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 Remix- artwork show on the stage, which you can see from above. It's young Master Xehanort and the new guy! I guess that he's young Master Eraqus. (I found that KH pic is old fanmade, the organizer may just google it from internet. I will contact them again. Sorry for the mistake.) :oops:

Event Organizer sent me those pictures and asked me to join the event, I may have a chance to ask Q&A with Mr.Hashimoto.

Event official page : https://www.facebook.com/thailandcomiccon
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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Mar 21, 2014
Fake. I saw that pic on devArt almost two years ago.

I want to say nice try, but April Fool's was over a week ago, and not to mention....it's just hilariously obviously fake.
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