Favourite movie of 2016

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Warrior of Light
Oct 9, 2014
Buenos Aires, Argentina
What movie released on 2016 has been your favourite?

My personal pick would be Zootopia from DISNEY

Great CG visuals and animation complemented with a compelling and strong topic that I don´t see very often in "children" movies.
May 26, 2014
I'm not a fan of "_____ of the year!" because it's a bit arbitrary, but I'll play along.

Zootopia. I mean it's pretty much the best Disney movie I've seen, and I've seen most of them.

Hey Everyone

Keyblade Master
Dec 30, 2016
Unknown, Unknown
i thought it was just a regular, fun, generic marvel movie with zero emotional weight.

winter soldier was so much better.

i hate to say this, but given the record, i think spider-man will follow suit.
I and many people heavily disagree with you.

The entire Cap and Bucky vs Iron Man had tons of emotional weight to it for example.
Especially when Iron Man was bloodlusted, and the end part where he says you don't deserve that shield as my father made it.
Zemo's entire plot line had emotional weight to it.