FFXV Gamescom 2015 details

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May 18, 2014
Madrid, Spain
Of course its an 11-month campaign. They have only ever promoted this game twice at E3, 2006 & 2013 and they want to do proper promotion at E3 2016.
I meant 11-month campaign starting last September and ending this month, not the one starting now. I mean, it wasn't actually a campaign, as it only starts with this GC (supposedly).

But as I said, it's just me being dissapointed over their lack of touch regarding certain aspects I think they should have handled better.

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Mar 7, 2015
NL, Canada
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May 18, 2014
Madrid, Spain
Stella wasn't a childhood friend of Noctis, though. They were to meet for the first time at that party, which is why I believe that Luna and other changes were Nomura's decision, not Tabata's
You know, that's a big possibility tbh. Maybe not the full name/looks change and all that, but in the E3 trailer we already saw a young girl (Stella, assumed back then) with the same dress Luna has in the newest trailer grabbing Noctis' hand. Nomura (afaik) never referred to the 2013 Stella as... well, Stella. He just said Stella (back then) wasn't his type of character and so he changed her (we all assumed it was only her looks).

So maybe. I always assumed, prior to Luna's reveal, that either that was a dream, a forgotten memory or something like that, o that they had changed their backgrounds for them to actually meet as children.
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Originally posted in the general news thread.

Regarding today´s Q&A- (answers provided by Nova Crystallis tweets)

A: Kamikokuryu says its hard to archive a realistic style.
A: Yes, depending on the situation.
A: Tabata asked the fans and yes, adjustments will be made.
A: Tabata picks a Western soccer game or Zelda, Shimomura says Minecraft
A: Shimomura wasnt sure, asks Tabata- yes it will be included

Outside of the Q&A: https://twitter.com/Nova_Crystallis/status/629651088753446913

These were all the questions for today, after that it was cosplay time.