[FFXV] How would you improve Elemancy without replacing it with COMRADES' magic system

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Oct 9, 2014
Elemancy is not a popular feature in FFXV and most prefer the magic system in COMRADES, but I believe there's room for a an improved and better system than outright porting the one in the multiplayer.

My suggestions attempt to improve the system without removing the unique traits that separates it from its sister system in COMRADES, the main things that will be keep in this revision are: crafting of spells, drawing energy from sources, limited casting.

My improvements to the system:

Base changes
  1. Only certain moves consumes charges: In my improvement of the system, the flasks will have "moves" and some of the will consume charges and some of them not.
  2. Severally nerf the damange. They just simply do too much damange (even the lowest tier spells are too strong), so much that fights tend to be over or enemies near death before the debuffs can work on them (IMO, that was a big misoportunity in the game and something I would like to fix with the below change).
  3. Create a "stack up" system for debuffs: Each move "stack ups" conrresponding debuff of the crafted spells, be the capp is reached the debuff(s) take(s) effect.
A bit more drastic changes

Make the flasks "work like" the Ring of The Lucii, what exactly I mean by that? In short, give the magic flasks this mechaniques:
  • Hold attack button: Noctis throws the charges like little balls to the enemy, each charge doing an small explosion of the respective element/spell. Does not consume charges. Stack up debuffs by a very small amount. Each charge consumes about 5 MP.
  • Hold defence button: AoE move similar to Holy of the respective crafted spell. Stack up debuffs for a medium ammount. Consumes % MP per second. Consumes 1 charge when successfully casting.
  • Hold lock + warp button: Display the AoE indicator from OG Elemancy, this move will deal the original magic attack with the orignal high damange output but this will consume 5 charges, if less charges the move consumes what's left. Instantly applies debuff on enemy. Consumes all your MP.
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Mar 4, 2018
I like your idea make the flasks work like the Ring of The Lucii. I hope squareenix look this forum for update this game
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