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Oct 10, 2013
As you're probably aware, there are quite a few of Final Fantasy fangames, and I want today present to you some of them.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy
The game is centered around a dragoon named Vahn for whom the upcoming events will unite with mysterious people, reveal unexpected events of his past, and fight against the menace of the Empire of Ivalice.

Lenadia Castle

MogNet GPS-Pad Service

Emperor Belmont, one of the antagonists.

Typical battle.

Cosplay Crisis
Your identity defines who you are. But what if you couldn’t have your own identity, or it was being eclipsed by someone elses? What would you do about it?
Kumo Atsureki is your typical 19 year old…if typical 19 year old did mercenary work for a living. His latest mission, however, will trigger a chain of events that will not only force him to face the past and define his identity, but uncover deadly secrets that have laid buried for generations. What is the C-Virus? Who is behind it? These questions and more await you…

From game's profile.

An artwork used when entering the Gold Saucer.

The faeries are also present in the game.

Typical battle.


Final Fantasy Discovery
You are Cid, a former Palamecian soldier, who had since allied with Figaro. He is sent to the Palamecian Research Facility to investigate rumours about a recently unearthed crystal by Palamecia.
You will come across various people, good and evil, monsters of varying strength and ugliness, just to save the world.

Main menu.

The town of Lix.

A typical battle.

I also run Final Fantasy Fandom Wiki where you can find not only fan video games, but also information about fan arranged music and other things:


Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Mar 10, 2014
These are nice! I own RPG Maker VX Ace but so far no serious project with it yet. But I still play around with it when I have free time to do so.
Now downloading Discovery! :)