Final Fantasy Ultimania

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Nov 22, 2013
akadot Retail - Imported; ships from U.S.
Amazon - Best prices for domestic releases.
Amazon JP - Ships books overseas via DHL only ($$$)
Amazon UK - Imported; ships from U.S.
CD Japan - Large selection with many shipping options. Try here before buying from!
Gallery Nucleus - Great place to get signed artbooks. (Generally with no markup!)
Stuart Ng Books - Specializes in rare art books from around the world. Good place to buy artist sketchbooks & signed volumes

These books are amazing! Hardcover, super thick and hotter than my girlfriend. :p Way better than those small-sized usual ultimania entries. They must release like this!
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Sep 26, 2013
Got mine from CD Japan. They're nice.

Just don't look up the images on Final Fantasy Wikia after you get the books or you might feel bad for spending so much money. ;)