Final Fantasy VII REMAKE - General News Thread

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It's happening? A FFVII Remake is happening?

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    Votes: 12 66.7%
  • No

    Votes: 6 33.3%

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Chocobo Knight
Jul 15, 2014
What's more impressive than FF7R sales are GTAV sales, how the hell that game keeps selling to remain in the top 10?
Yeah i just don't understand it either.
FF games especially 7RE deserves so much more... love i don't know.
Hopefully the next parts sells also good or even better. But 2 or 3 years of waiting really is hard.


Red Wings Commander
Sep 26, 2013
It's crazy it was a cultural event. And also crazy that Pokemon has lost its steam.
I don't think pokemon is as good as it's used to be. I stopped playing it after Black and White when new pokemon started to look unrealistic and ridiculous.
Likes: Storm
Feb 19, 2018
It gives extreme amounts of player agency and options to do basically whatever you want + big map + grounded and popular thematics + quality. My 2 cents.
It's also got one of the most robust post launch support cycles I've ever seen. Rockstar keeps adding big content updates to the multiplayer component every few months and the game is regularly part of promotions which put it on discount or just straight up offer the game for free. Even now they just announced that all PS4 owners will be getting the PS5 version for free and as a celebration of the announcement I think there was even a huge cash reward for current players. Not big on GTA but the series does deserve every bit of success that it has.