Final Fantasy XV Demo Presentation by Tabata

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Sep 26, 2013

It live right now.

*edit 1*

It's over. They will do a longer demo at Square Enix Presents. Time was cut short.

Tabata was showing of an in-engine demo of FFXV called The Overture.

*edit 2*

Looks like Square Enix promises to show off Final Fantasy XV regularly from now on. Expect something at Jump Festa.

*edit 3* Stolen from gaf.
See that Adamantoise? You can fight him.
But it will take a long while.

They're showing the demo.
Rain effects and thing. Detailed to the point where places under objects don't get wet and when it's sunny it dries up as you go.
Tech demo they're showing doesn't seem to be Duscae, instead it's the place from E3 2013 trailer where they fought Behemoth.
There is a realistic dynamic day-night cycle complete with lighting thing Ubi was flaunting so much with Watch Dogs.
It's much snappier than in the trailer.
Fought Behemoth and a bunch of goblins. Party members attacked enemies on their own.
Visual details aren't completely fine-tuned yet.
Fire spell animation seemed to be based on the shape of the enemy.
*edit 5*

*edit 6*

Direct Feed (both Type-0 HD and FFXV)

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Oct 26, 2013
Well there is what 1 more day of TGS left? They have surprised us so far, so maybe more is in store.
They might go out with a bang. I never expected a demo to be showed off at TGS to begin with since I was satisfied enough to see a trailer and the announcement of the XV demo being bundled with Type-0 HD.