FORSPOKEN - PS5/PC - Luminous Productions new game

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Oct 9, 2014
Steam and Epic Store pages are up now.

Interesting info from the pages:
  1. PC version will have partial control support.
  2. Will use Denuvo anit-tamper DRM.
  3. Supports 14 languages
  4. Will come with 4 audio (EN, FR, DE, JP)
  5. To have mature content ("This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content ")


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May 26, 2014
Forspoken writer Gary Whitta on building its "lustrous new fantasy world".

Interesting tidbits:
  • Square Enix reached out Whitta as far back as 2017.
  • Amy Henning worked on the story concept in 2019.
  • There are some more "really impressive names" of writers yet to be revealed.
So yeah this is without a doubt the same game Tabata started before he left SE if people were still doubting that, also interesting to note is that during the TGS livestream Co-Director Terada mentioned that he supervises on the scenario and events too.

"Terada: I basically manage the development team, solving all kinds of issues as they arise and ensuring the development is progressing as planned."
"Terada: My main job is leading the game designer team, which means I am in charge of supervising the games scenario, events and battles."
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Oct 9, 2014
May 24, 2022.

New character Tanta Prav, played by Pollyanna McIntosh.

The Digital Deluxe Edition contains several exciting bonuses, including:
  • Rare Resource Kit (Only included for the PlayStation®5 console Digital Deluxe Edition)
  • Mini Artbook (Digital Download)
  • Mini Soundtrack (Digital Download)
  • Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust prequel story DLC*
Those who pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition will also receive the below unique gear and items to aid them in their journey through Athia:
  • No Limits Cloak, Symbol Combo Necklace, Trigger Happy Nails and Crafting Starter Kit (PS5™)
  • Elite Cloak, Spectra Combo Necklace and Overclock Nails (PC)

The Digital Standard Edition is also available to pre-order from today. Players who pre-order the digital standard edition for PS5 or PC (via STEAM®, Epic Games Store or Microsoft Store) will also receive the above pre-order bonus items for the respective platform at launch.

The physical (disc) version** of the game will also be available from participating retailers. Pre-orders of the physical (disc) version are subject to local retailer availability and schedule***.

* Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust DLC coming Winter 2022, following the game’s launch. Players who pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition will receive early access to this prequel story DLC when it becomes available.
** In-game digital pre-order bonus items not available by pre-ordering the physical version.
*** The start of pre-orders for the physical version will vary by retailer.
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Jul 14, 2015
That IGN footage performance looked terrible, other previews like Eurogamer's showed a much better framerate even with dips here and there.

EDIT: Removed, oh.
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