GameInformer: Square Enix creates a new division dedicated to Switch games.

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Brian Shea of GameInformer spoke with Tomoya Asano, the producer behind the Bravely series. In a lengthy Interview about the upcoming Octopath Traveler (which can be read here) Asano mentioned that the production team became its own division at Square Enix and stated the following:
"Square Enix has decided that it wants to focus on original titles for the Switch,"[..]"If Octopath Traveler does well and this is something that appeals to fans, we want to focus on Switch. Please pick up the Switch if you want to play games like Octopath Traveler."
"There are several other titles that we're currently working on for Switch,"[..]"If you could just wait a bit longer, we'll work with Nintendo and announce them in the future."
Over the past year of the Switch's existence, Square Enix has already released a decent number of games, though the majority of them has been ports of pre-existing games and multi-platform releases. So here's the question, of course... which Square Enix games would you like to see on Switch?

Here's a quick overview of what I'd like:
  • Final Fantasy Tactics II. Not Tactics Advance 3, but Tactics II, preferably with Matsuno and Ito at the helm. While the Tactics Advance games are fine, Tactics is a genuine classic and while the Switch isn't missing for tactical role-playing games (there's a new Fire Emblem announced, NISA is releasing quite numerous titles such as God Wars and Disgaea and SEGA is bringing their Valkyria Chronicles series over as well), FFT II would make a fine addition to the system's library.
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles/Explorers. Either is fine, but CC would fit well on a system made to be played by multiple people on the go. If designed around the idea of using separate Joycons, this would be a good fit.
  • Bravely Third. Asano already made two of these, plus Bravely Second ended on a cliffhanger. I think it's time for another visit to Luxendarc.
  • Something new. Octopath Traveler is already a great-looking game and I'd like for Square Enix to produce more experimental mid-budget titles that aren't beholden to the pressure that comes with big IPs and big budgets.


Warrior of Light
Oct 9, 2014
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I don't have a Switch but stuff like would have the potentially make me get one:

  • As many games from the mainline series as possible.
  • The HD Remix collection of Kingdom Hearts (either the PS4 that comes with all 6 KH or the two PS3 collection with 3 games each).
  • Both PSP Dissidia games, ideally in one package.
"New" games:
  • A new entry in the Final Fantasy Type series, it could be an offspring from Type-Next or something else.
  • An open world game of some kind, I'm very flexible.
  • A new game based around exploration.